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 Born and raised on a farm, Kent Peterson enjoyed the classic small town upbringing. A member of 4H and FFA, he played every sport growing up and went to USD to play football. 

After graduation, he worked in financial advising & financial services for five years in Sioux Falls. He married, then returned to the family farm, where he and wife Cindy are raising two children age 7 and 5. Elected to the District 19 House seat in the SD legislature in 2014, Kent is the representative for a broad constituency including 21 school districts.

He has served as House Assistant Majority Leader, as well as on the Ag, Judiciary and State Affairs Committees. He helped lead the collaboration that made the Precision Ag Center at SDSU a reality. He is a proponent of the Animal Disease Research Diagnostic Lab, bio-processing, livestock development and zoning/ag development. 


Kent Peterson is a visionary leader that loves South Dakota and is committed to making his home state a better place to live, work and raise a family. 


  • Common sense, credibility, integrity & political courage

  • A focus on issues that really matter to South Dakotans – jobs, economy, education, our future

  • A desire for government to stay out of the way whenever possible

  • Experience in financial services and agriculture

  • Proven ability to help make visions a reality

  • A commitment to being pro-economic development, pro-agriculture, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and pro-education

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